Why you must strengthen your butts

The glutes / butts plays an important role in our overall well being apart from the physiollogical advantage – beauty . Glutes exercise effectively raises our metabolism since our life biologically speaking is defined by our metabolism . Sometimes i think having a well develop butts will prevent  us  from getting sick very often and i was right based on my current research and experimenting .

Bad butts is a disaster . its a virtual epidemic in our society and a very bad news . Glutes. butts are the largest most powerful muscle in the body and if any part of the body get injured , it affects the glutes .

Additionally , when the glutes shut down , you recruiting other muscles to do the job , your lower back pick up most of the slack as your do your hamstrings  , quads and other surrounding muscles and overtime this causes you to low back pain , injuries, decreasing sexual performances.

Since your butts  are the most largest powerful in your body and since your brain want to protect and preserve the nagging part , it makes sense that your glutes shut down even with a smallest injury like a stubbed toe will trigger your brain to turn off your glutes .  The same thing apply to anke, knees and low back injury .

Daily sitting copmresses your glutes and makes you lazy . it impair with blood flow and nutrition and interfering with neuromuscular power now you see why i said bad butts is a bad news .


You will find running easier , most clients come to me with a bad knee causes by running and by excessive cardio and aerobic . Your back will feel less strained after a long work day .

Potentially to reduce injury in all ares of the body and you will perform better in all other aspects of your life . On a personal notes i sprint and run around a lots and ive learnt that the stronger my glutes are the more agile and easier the running .

If you want to learn more about exercise program that can help you develop strong butts , send me an email .

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