Learn to work through your own grief

Ive had so many grief in my life, most of them brought into my self . Whenever tragedy strike there is no point in me telling you not to grief , but during the time of grief , work out your own grief . Learning to do this will enable you to adopt new possibilities of dealing and experiencing your own pain .

Dont indulge in excessive misery –  Keep your misfortune to yourself and only share it with those who can truly help you . Dont allow people feeling sorry for you because it brings more misery and negativity .

Allow a solution to make itself clear –  When in crisis , its better to step back rather than panicking . During each crisis , the new opportunities  are always there if we give ourself chance to recognise the new opportunities .

The misery in getting better or improving our life is an experience that comes with tragedy – when you are getting better , picking new choices , new skill, you are going to experience pain and tragedy . Learning to work through this will open up new possibilities .

Look for people who has gone thorough the same grief and how they overcome the problems – not some support group because that will bring more misery . Someone who has been able to deal with tragedy successfully .

Beware of average people – especially when tragedy strikes  because they will excaberate your feelings of failure and might develop the idea that you are staring at the same fate . Remember , misery loves company .

No matter what the tragedy is , there is always a new possibilities  one you work through the pain .

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1 Response to Learn to work through your own grief

  1. Maude says:

    Teacher it is so rare for me to comment on other peoples thinking, but this time I feel the need to because I agree with you. Also to see these words written it sounds so easy when the reality is this is one of life’s hardest lessons.


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