Tips to sustain alertness during the day

Alertness during the day is a gold mine and i realised that we sometimes struggle to go through the day with mental clearance . Most people struggle from sustaining alertness during the day . Those time of the day you reach for coffee, sugar or more sugary foods which eventually leads to  more  decline in alertness .

We need our alertness to increase productivity during the day . Actually this is one of the habits of super successful . Im sure if you are reading the blog , you are heading towards  that direction . In ability to sustain alertness is one of the productivity thief .

Poor health habits –  One of the big reason mental performance decline at work and to have alertness during the day , you must cultivate a good health habits . To enhance afternoon mental performance, avoid carbs, such as pasta, potatoes, and suggary desserts for lunch .

Dont let the post lunch dip get you down –  Most people  feels so tired after lunch , The so called post lunch dip may occur regardless of when or even whether , you have lunch .Eating lunch thou may make you more foggy .

The best  way to minimise midday drowsiness is to get enough sleep the night before . and also  try to avoid a boring task during the midd afternoon . In a typical office setting , you can cruise through this by simply interacting with other people , making phone calls , or doing physical task such as filing .

Food matters – A lunch with a high protein to carbohydrate  ratio may boost alertness , but depends the type of the carbs . Broiled chicken or fish , tuna  or cottage cheese , or beans and rice are good for your true power lunch . If you have any chronic illness , ask your doctor for a specific nutrition guide line .

High achievement and extraordinary results require big energy . One of the trick is mental alertness and how to get it .

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