The hormones rhythms in men and mid – life changes

Men can go through hot flashes as well , if testosterone falls too low . So mid life changes happens to men the way it happens to women . Testosterone is predictable , serves as a barometer of mens mood and mindset . Testosterone surge in men who win football , tennis matches because of the increases in dopamine level .

I know it sounds weird but it plunges in losers . It even goes up and down in a male fan who watch their  teams win or lose . Its higher in lawyers and actors lower in ministers . Higher in single men , lower in married men . It also higher in anticipation of sex and fail if the situation disappoints .

Hormones levels are higher in the morning , at the end of a good night sleep . Testosterone maybe 35 percent higher than in the mid afternoon most men are not being sold  the concept of hormones , they think it happens only to women .

Most men inability to cope with stress has to do with the hormones rhythms which  normally fall in the onset of stress . Most men muscle start to shrink at the age of 35 and this loss of muscle tend to affect their thinking , mindset and the way they perceive challenges .

The rate of testosterone decline varies from man  to man , men who smoke more than  ten cigarettes a day make it fall sooner . Low levels of testosterone may also reduce a man interest in sex and cause difficulty in getting or keeping an erection and infertility .

Low levels of testosterone also decrease bone and muscle mass as i mentioned earlier , strength and stamina and prompt weight gain especially around the belly . On the mental and emotional side, low level of hormones may cause irritability , depression and ability to concentrate these problems always surface when men are in their fourties , going to fifties . It can also happen quicker due to bad life style .


The best treatment i usually recommend is strength training , because it helps your body to release all these hormones. If the body is too weak, its better to start  with hormones replacement therapy . It comes in pills , patches , injections or implantable formations .

My personal suggestion will be to consult with your doctor before any treatment . Which either way you consider, strength training wins .

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