Few tips on influence

Influencing other people is a big deal, and influencing other people  begins with you .Your level of influence also depend on your level of interest in other people .

Most people never succeed at this because they are completely trapped in their own wants , needs and desire . Many people want to attract people in their business but going in the wrong way of doing this .

Seek out how action that will benefits other people – I think this should be taught everywhere apart from business , the quickest way to secure peoples mind is by demostrating how action will benefits them . I usually do things in the interest of others by participating in it and to benefits me too .

People are attracted to those who are emotionally  strong , people want to be around positive , optimistic people , people follow positive optimistic people . Do you like being around negative people NO of course not . You have to understand what people are looking for, and what they will respond to .

You cannot nagg or complaint or whining and influence anyone .

Excellence – Every where you go , people are attracted to excellence because they want to have more and be excellence themselves . So when we excellence we tend to want more and  with that in mind , i started to build my life around key areas of excellence . Physical appearance , emotional  health , intellentual and spiritual depth , relationship and financial success . This things work .

Fo r all this to work , you need a lot of work on yourself . I mean think about it , influence is ability to change another’s person thoughts , beliefs or actions . Right ?  For i also know that if you want to attract people  who are passionate , you have to be passionate . .

If you want to attract people who are fair , honest  and positive , you have to be fair , honest and positive . As i mentioned  earlier   in the beginning of this blog , influencing others begin with you .

You have to start working on the area where you want to influence people it could be honesty, passion, empowering – which is my thing . Courage , Good listening skills . The list go but you know what you want .

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