The 3 deadly realities

There are many life realities but this three im going to share with you have a higher rank in my thoughts . Most time we are surrounded by this realities but we refused to acknowledge them . Most of us have these negative qualities in us . Envy , laziness , rigidity, self obsessiveness . In a group setting , there will be people who carry one or more of these to a very high degree .

ENVY – This is a deadly realities . Its a natural thing to envy or admire someone achievement and it is our nature to constantly compare ourselves to others – in term of money , looks , coolness , intelligence , or any others . The envy might go in a good way that want you to learn from those people , but for some people they are ready to destroy you .

Its your responsibility to pay attention to these people because they exist and there are things you can look for , people who who praises you too much or become too friendly overnight . you should suspect those behaviour . There is no harm in genuily praising some one effort but keep your eyes open .

SELF OBSESSIVENESS – In the work environment , we usually think of ourselves first and foremost , the world is harsh and competitive so we must seek our own self interest . Even when we act for the good of others There is no shame in these but being too self obseessive is a dangerous trait . To get what you want you want or favour you must appeal to the interest of others . Its called value for value .

Find a way to make the conversation revolve around them and their interest and this will go as far as winning them to your side . Most people life are full of these realities so try to work around this .

LAZINESS – This is the most common realities , we all have the tendency  to take the easiest and quickest  path to our goals . Especially overweight people , weak  and lazy people . And we also manage to lose control and patience to understand the superior of getting what we want through  hard work .

For example if you are not careful and talk too much , they will steal your ideas ,.they are very lazy in thinking , saving themselves all the mental effort that went into conceiving those ideas . Your best   defence is to be prudence and keep your ideas to yourself and conceal enough detail so that they wont be able to steal them . .

In general be careful of people who want to collaborate , they are often looking for someone  who will do the heavy lifting for them .  Here are some of the realities ive recognised so that you dont become their victim

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