Preventing stubborn fats

Fat loss is a constant battle , especially the stubborn ones , we all know that the less body fats we have, the more agile, sexy , intuitve , productive we become . Stubborn  fats can be age related for men and women . The older men get , the more testosterone is converted into estrogen – if you see you belly getting bigger and bigger , thats a sign of estrogen dominant

Most fat loss advice simply lay it out to follow but not teaching you how to go about it . Probably thats the reason people give up when they realised how much work it involves . There are many reason for having stubborn fat . Both men and women suffer from stubborn fat as a result of unhealthy diet , exposure to estrogen , chemicals  and aging .

We are surrounded by all this , and we are also responsible for preventing it . Here are some of  the things i have been experimenting to prevent stubborn fats and it works .

Stay away crash diets or diets that makes you lose fats and gain it again the second generation of fats  will be more likely stubborn than the first and again its going to mess up with your brain .

Avoid  consuming foods and herbs that have estrogenic effects on the body , like soy , clover, corn and canola oil.

Focus on eating as much as organic food , by doing that you are avoiding estrogenic substances that is in our food supply such as petroleum based fertilizers and hormones which are found in meats, poultry , and diary

Minimize alcoholic consumption , too much alcohol may compromise your liver ‘s ability to break down and detoxify . The estrogenic toxins can penetrate into the blood and cause symptoms like bloating , water retention , and stubborn fats gain . They may also cause chronic disease and even cancer .

Insulin – learning to control your insulin will help you a lot in the battle of stubborn fats . Minimize the amount carbohydrates you ingest by having whole carbs as the component of your meal . Dont be afraid to eat foods like sweet potatoes etc . If you are alreday insulin resistant switch to fat fuel foods like nuts and seeds .


Stores food and beverages in glass and ceramic containers . And figure out how to make exercise routine s part of your life . Those are the facts that has preventing my body from accumulating stubborn fats .


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