How to raise your standard

Raising your standard is a combination of your intelligence , flexibility , creativity . and health . You have to develop on these 4 ares to separate  from average and the crowd . The first  thing is not to bend to suit the critic -, and once you get yourself strong then you can work on these four areas .

INTELLIGENCE – This is not about how much info you consume or how much books you read , it has to do with thinking beyond daily  B S chit chat . You must learn to to think beyond average thinking . It has to do with our level of desire , patience , persistence , confidence 0 feeling motivated and energised . Ability to think that you can overcome almost anything .

FLEXIBLE – This has to be how open minded you are in relationship   with other people , it actually help to maintain power . No one like a rigid  person . You will always need others as allies , people who serves as your front . People can also come to you from different angle , knowing that you are open and flexible . This actually increase your standard faster than you can imagine .

CREATIVITY – Most often , people associate creativity with some kind of supernatural intellectual , a particular way of thinking . The truth is that creative activity is one that involves self – our emotions, our level of energy , characters and our minds . To make a discovery , to invent something thats connected to the public . To develop and produce something  that help other people .

You could also have the most brilliant mind , lots of ideas but if you choose the wrong work , or problem or subject , you can run out of interest and your intellectual brilliance will lead to nothing . And this how some genius become a drunker after years of working on problems that dont inspire their interest .

Understand where to direct your energy , your creativity will flow .

ABUNDANCE – This will help your mindset , most people are   operating on  scarcity mindset  and generally a taker . This is a very low standard of living . An abundance mindset  creates better energy and high energy , high money .

Looking at things in these ways has helped me connecting to the right people  and you need right people to prosper in life .

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