Male performance factors and conditioning

Most men want to improve strength , but they are very deconditioned and and when men are in this state instincts are inhibited , confusion anxiety  grumpyness , and poor performance . This situation actually contribute  to speed aging . They start to think and feel old .

Think conditioning as training your heart  to function better . Women need men that can function better , not artificial standard of buying your way out . No offence , ive seen a lot of power lifter with big muscles that get too tired during their  workout .

Apart from incoporate conditioning training to your life , men ability to perform sexually depends on many health related factors that work in harmony with each other . The most important ones are –

NEURO HEALTH – Ability to sense , such as visual and physical  – such as sensual touch – stimulation for sexual arousal . As i noted earlier, men must be physically comfortable for sexual confidence . Thats why a lot of fat rich men tend to go for a very beautiful woman to compensate for their lack of physical sense of arousal .

HORMONAL BALANCE –  Most men think hormones problem is associated only with women . Men goes through hormonal changes as  well . It is necessary to keep optimum testosterone levels in harmony with other hormones . Low testosterone make  men angry and weak .

VASCULAR HEALTH – This allow proper blood flow to the right body parts . This include factors in the form of enzyme and other substances which enforce such as eating non proceesed food which enforce local blood flow to the genitials until a full erection occurs .

MENTAL HEALTH – Im sure most medical doctors are well intended but under- informed . Mental health is to feel sexually confident and able to handle stress and anxiety . The reason i mentioned the doctor is they hardly recognise that most men suffering from kind of depression needs to feel sexually confidence .

All of these above must work together in order to achieve full sexual performance . If anyone is not intact , impotency may result .Whenever im coaching my male clients i educate them about these three factors and improving their  conditioning will make them a super hero in their family which result to happy family .

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