Do not commit to anyone but yourself

I once heard an analogy that says its a fool thats always rushes to take sides . I personally dont like taking sides rather than to be in the middle of things , but its  not that easy because people will do anything for you to favour them . Commiting to yourself means  you can  maintain your independence in order to help others to solve their problems .

As a trainer / coach , my job revolve around getting the best out of people physically , emotinally and mentally . Its way beyond looking good . Looking good is overrated . You cannot look good without being emotinally sound – Back to the act of commitment , People wants result thats the fact . and commitment to myself make this a lot easier .

Im not saying dont be committed to helping people , because people will consider you unreliable . My point is you cannot inadvertently  allow yourself to feel obligated to anyone . Remember  the goal is not to people off or to make it seems as if you are in capable of commitment .

As i said in the beginning of this blog , its fools who always rushes to take side . Do not commit to any side but yourself . I help a lot of people to become healthy which reqiure amount of my own personal commitment to myself which makes me a pull coach rather than an average push trainer .

Above all keep yourself free of commitments and obligations – they are the device of another to get you into power . You  can only help thousands when you independent but cannot carry people .

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