Best exercises for round shape woman

Most women with round body shape are confused with pear shape women . The body shape might look similar to pear because they are carrying most of their weight around the hips , buttock and thighs .

A round person is just simple overweight or large framed . When you are heavy all over without define body shape , you fall into the round category . Your program will be focused on cardio vascular moves that will get your heart rate up into the fat burning zone .

The idea of a running  as a cardio for a large frame woman might have a negative impact on the joint health . It can put too much stress on the hips and the other area like knee,and ankle .

The best protocol for you will be 30 – 60 mins cardio , you might start by walking around the block or at work whenever you get the chance . Once you start to feel better and increase the intensity , the duration then vary your routine as much as possible .

The ideal fat burning workout for you will be . examples and very effective –

Knee bend , push up on the knee, jumping jack , 2 hand kettle bell swing with the swing i recommend 10 sets of 15 reps .

Fat loss is simple but not easy , but once you start to work on the protocol , you start experiences changes in your feelings and your body .

Your sound results will be – feel better about yourself , feel better about people in your life , feel and act more assertive and self assure .

Please forget about the scale .



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