See yourself as others see you

Actually this is something i have never really given  much thought to until reading for a book written by robert green MASTERY . He elaborated this as one of the best strategies in developing social intelligence . The problems we face in our social area is our naive tendency to project to people our emotional  needs and desire  of the moments .

We misread peoples intentions , social intelligent is the ability to see people in the most realistic  possible which require thinking inside and transforming our thoughts .

The ability to see ourselves the way people see us will enable us to transform and developing social  intelligence in our own way . Almost all of us has some kind of a flaw ranging from one that is harmless to the one that can get us in trouble . If you are like me , it could be that you are too honest in crictism of other people which most time we really means  well for them .

Sometime in my line of work i have to be honest with people and repeating this behaviour tend to get me in trouble . People rarely tell us what it is that we are doing wrong . They are afraid to cause conflict and it becomes very difficult to correct our flaws . Let alone correct them .

To see ourselves objectively , we can begin  by looking at negatives event in our life, people sabotaging our work , bosses fire us for no logical reasons .This process will enable us to correct our flaws . This will also allow us to see the role we play in our own mistakes .

Slowly in this way we can develop increasing self – detachment , which will yield us the ability to see ourselves as we really are .

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