What ive learned from outdoor training

Ive been experimenting with hill sprint , bodyweight and movement skills outdoor since the beginning of the summer . Its amazing how the body goes from different stages, the mind as well .  Out door training develop your overall mentality , you discover who you are under tension and your ability to handle stress .

This kind of training boost your sex drive , potency, resillence to fatique you see, gym can be very comfortable , in a place where its design to make your weakness look good . You are surrounding by all those fake muscles from the mirror and your brain tells you its cool .

The combination of sprint and body weight is based on body functions , not body parts . It incorporates different muscle groups . It also enhances the neuro muscular synergy between the hands , the legs and the core . Please dont waste your time with moderate aerobics and moderate exercise .

Ive been training most of my clients for years and i can see when the ego start to get in the way of their mental strength , in other way for me is a good thing to learn about how people react under tension . It also challenge my own levels of growth as a trainer .

This kind of training is not for average gym / joe that squat in front of the mirror , its essential  for developing  the ability to survive in life . You will be able to tone your body , making it stronger , faster and tougher they involves your body , mind and your instincts .

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