Be a source of pleasure

This is critical, im not saying you should be a fake or force yourself to be nice to people if you dont want to , its very obvious that we human being tend to move away from unpleasant and distasteful situation . While we tend to want to move to charm  and promise of delight . We basically flee from what is not pleasant .

Im aware  that not every one can play a role of wit and charm and not everyone is blessed with this but we can all learn to control our unpleasant qualities and obscure them when necessary .

The stronger you become , the more ability you have to become pleasurable . this is not easy because most people are generally annoy or takers ,. be careful not to open to exploitation and abused .

Guide your interest and learn self preservation – You must constantly evaluate and observe the intentions of people around you .I love powerful people and i tend to give back to them even more than they give me in process we all become pleasurable to each other .

Always be a pleasure – keep practising this and let the obvious  be your result .


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