How to shape personalities .

We all cant stand jerk ? right so lately i discovered that the best way is to coach them out of their obnoxious behaviour . Its not that easy thou , these people are very good in their folly and most of the time they get away from it .

Most people with weak personality are not strong enough and the only  way to act is to be a jerk . I love personality that attracts , in order words i love powerful people .and if you are like me here are some solutions in dealing with a jerk .

You need to also figure out if you are being realistic in taking offence , if you caught the person out in public , you might create a social tension .

Ignore it –  Most individual may simply want attentions , sometimes i forgot to apply this but its the fact .You have to be consistent in ignoring the behaviour or make a pact with the people around to refrain from delivering attention .

Control the offender – In a pragmatic approach , may be another gender or some one close to them should be the one to intervene . You dont really needs to do this by yourself .

Preserve the person self esteem – Personalities are complex as i mentioned earlier , most people just want attention , and  most people run away from it . Research shows that prejudiced people are more likely to change if they can first  be made to feel good about themselves . Ask self affirming questions of a person whose behaviour you are trying to correct .

Upgrading her self esteem may help her feel less threatened.  Those  are the strategies ive learned  to adopt from adopt   from  the author of the search for fulfilment .

Thanks for reading .


Keep going strong and better .


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