The issue of self esteem

Self esteem is a popular words people tend to use a lots . It carries more weight than you think . The first step of building self esteem can be very difficult , its something that manifest as we evolves in life . We are challenged to raise the level of our consciousness in the face of emotional resistance .

When self esteem is low, we are generally manipulated by fear . we become the prisoner of our own negative image and thinking . When we are generally afraid, it also dampens our will and creativity and this result to poor self esteem .

We also allow our self  negative images to dictate our actions , poor self image is a big issue , people with poor self image tend to define themselves as mediocre or weak or cowardly and their performance reflects this definitions .

When you consider yourself powerless, it has negative impacts on esteem and you submit yourself to the feelings of psychological determinism , you tell yourself you are powerless and avoid risk that will awaken your passion and creativity .

Most people rely on the feedback  they receive from others , im not suggesting that feed back is unimportant but a self esteem healthy individual dosent base their perspective he or she received from others we are social and others also contributes to our self perception , its dangerous to rely on the perceptions of others .

Having work with a lot of people i realised that we need to be conscious and seek internal rather than external . Also get away from the act of defensiveness .



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