The concept of ego training and why is bad for you

Ego training is a big problem because it stop you from developing . Ego training is easy  to performed because there is no thinking involved . You need to think you way fit . The pyschological aspects of fitness is where the real training begins .

Many people believe that when they enter the gym its okay for them to turn off their brain , many people comes to the gym to run away from their emotions and themselves . The gym seems to be a place where many people stop applying mental effort . As a trainer in a commecrcial gym , it has been a personal challenge for me because people dont want to think about want  they are doing rather than counting repetitions .

Many things are compromised in the name of ego training such as development phase , range of motions , etc .

Ego training also kills the growth hormones that works with the brain neuro -membrance ego training can be addictive , because you always want more and more but leading  to no where  but fatigue and ageing it actually make people looks old because it speeds up the ageing process in the body and brain.

Most people walks in to the gym , get on the bike , treadmill , lifts some weight , showing their muscles to their buddies . Even if they do have some kind of lifting routine , its usually what they got from magazine .

TO wrap things up , to be successful  in developing the body you ve always wanted you will need to become a thinker Your thoughts control your actions both in and out of the gym . Learn to think big , the bigger your thought  the better . The goal here is not about the trainer you paid , its about thinking and forget about ego .

Leave it at the door next time you enter the gym .




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