Sugar Changes How Our hormones Work

When we cut sugar from our lives / diet , our genes and cells becomes nourishing then our hormones works better . We are also somehow free of major illness like daibeties , inflammations ,migraines , and heart diseases .

Sugar changes how our hormones work , it takes great time and effort to see the effect until you stop eating sugar . Most of my clients used to sugar addicted , they been taught to believe that sugar was an energy that could be ”burned;; off by exercise .

We need sugar in our blood stream just to stay alive ,, but things turn to disaster when you eat more than your body can deal with . The human metabolism is not prepared for the amount of sugar majority of the people consumed .

Women tend to become very cranky before the pre-menstrual periods . As a kids i eat a lots of chewing gum, sweets , dried fruits which actually causes damages to my teeth . Ive been free of sugar for about 10 years and nothing happens apart  from free of disease and hormones problems .

One of the major way in which sugar affects our hormones is by hardened the tissue cells , making them stiff . Fortunately , at normal blood levels reaction occur so slowly that clean up crews  of white blood cells keep them under control by breaking them down .

I know is sounds crazy but when you clean up your sugar problems , you start  to operate  in a very high level . Evert time you crave sugar , eat fruits and nuts . You will be awesome the whole day .

Sugar damages the brain cells , think deep before you reach for the sweet stuff . You can find out more from deep nutrition by Catherine Shanahan and Luke Shanahan .

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2 Responses to Sugar Changes How Our hormones Work

  1. Siim Land says:

    Sugar promotes glycation and makes us age faster aswell. It is quite bad actually.


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