The learning paradigm or therapy

Transformation of any kind is essential to our growth and growth is the only evidence in life . Sometime growth is invisible , it contains your vision and the way you see things that other people are not able to see and its practically about becoming a life mastery which require a learning paradigm over a therapeutic approach .

In the learning paradigm , you need to identify something is wrong before you can get better , not to hide behind it , We all want pleasure in our life and in contrast , pleasure require a concurrence between the inner state and outer state .  I personally dont seems to agree with therapy because if focuses on the past events rather than the presence .

A person enter theraphy because he is not enjoying life , the  person       complaint may be depression or anxiety . The problem cannot be resolved by only mental approach , it must be deal with on the physical and psychological approach . Some people think talking about feelings will make it dissapear but tackling  the issues and leaning will put you in a better place .

Learning paradigm says there are things simply you can learn  to make your life more easeful and productive . The therapy approach often keep people trapped in the past , perceiving themselves as victim . The learning  paradigm invites you to take full responsibilty of your life .

Pause for a moment and ask yourself what do i need to learn today . For me is to upgrade my habits in regarding to building my business and personal growth . The habits of few years ago will not take me further  thats what im learning at present .

Currently im reading a book by Masson Curry – Daily Ritual to upgrade my habits .

Thanks for reading .




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