Few things ive learned on getting older

Getting older is a year in reflection . its for me to evaluate  what ive achieved or do i just add another year without any changes . Most of the lesson i ve learned comes from my health and movements . . I learned to focus on my loss, which means if i get injured and dont move well , i cant express well , it s going to have a huge impact on my income .

So in other words , i became more motivated by fear of losing my ability to be independence and individual which makes me upgrades my discipline .

Productivity and presence – Ive discovered that telephone interupt my trail of thoughts , i dont have any apps on my phone and usually leave it at home . This might not apply if you have children but it can make you be more aware  of your surroundings .

Movement and feelings – Movement is the language of the body , from the quality of the person movements one can determine his state of feelings and its either you feel good or you feel bad . There is no in between .

Building a support network – most people are takers in every way , even by speaking its always what they want . People you spend time with affects your habits . A much quoted study from harvard find out that  those who have at least one obese friends have a 57 percent of being obese themselves

On money – Controlling  spending is must as you get older . Its not everything you have to buy or won , its sensible to think deep before you spend . Saving feels good .

On training – Developing strong glute will helps the body to perform better and these has been my area of research and study fir the past 12 months .

Thanks for reading .




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