Ego, Pain , and Pleasure

The ego, pain and pleasure are tied together . you cannot separate them , we all experience these three in a different way . The ego plays an important role in pleasure when the ego is identified with the body , A strong ego permits a greater enjoyment in life a  weak ego diminishes the capacity for pleasure .

Im always wondering why some people cannot enjoy or experience pleasure without being self destructive ., so i turned to the work of a famous and renown psychiatrists – Alex Lowen . He has written a lot of great books on this subject .

Most times we ruin our health to reach a goal or success in our life . New projects are undertaken , further efforts are made and in the process we confuse images with reality . We are goal oriented people , we fail to see that goal is a promise of pleasure not a guranteed of it .

This is where we arrive to pain . We stop having pleasure .The postponement of bodily pleasure drains a person good feelings and sap his energies . . Ive seen this happening in several occasions with some of my clients, and the collapse that occur at this stage is physical rather than psychological .

To abandon a bodily pleasure like simple deep breathing , eating good quality food , getting a good night sleep , contribute faster to heart attack depression or early death .  If you are experiencing pain and tension , slow down , find a place to deep breath , drink a lot of water and you will find pleasure back into your body .

To experience pleasure , we must also learn to assert our own individuality and gain the right to think for ourselves .

May you know yourself and be well .

Thanks for reading .




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