Your best exercise tracker

The best exercise tracker is very challenging because it doesnt appear vague or vain , Most exercise  tracker are body fats, weighing scale , and looks . There is nothing wrong in wanting to feel good and look good but this thing doesnt really measure up when it come to awesome life .

HOW YOU FEEL , SELF CONFIDENCE, ENERGY LEVEL – This is one of the best exercise tracker . You should  not feel exhausted after training , you should feel like you want to go home and have sex with your spouse or attack  your day with a creative approach .  I know this because , this is how i feel most of the time .

If you are a parent , you should have abundance mental energy to keep up with your kids challenge , not shutting them and repressing their energy but understanding their individual .

NOT VIEWING EXERCISE AS PUNISHMENT  Most people perform training as if theve committed a sin and they need to work it out .. Exercise is not an escape like a drug  . It meant to build a physical  condition to contribute to the community .

YOUR STRENGTH , MENTAL AND HEALTH – Your mental performance is more important than how you look . The human conditions requires a creative approach to its opposing needs , you must be mentally strong, the more pleasure you have , the greater is your ability and to offer your love , you must increase your pleasure .

YOUR CONDITIONING – These  are the things people dont talk about , did your push ups improve , Your squat pattern , performing 100 swings in short time .

Exercise is meant to improve your bodily pleasure . Keep improving in all these things you will see a lot of changes in your life and the people around you .

Thanks for reading .


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