Training , exercise and pleasure

I once heard  an analogy that says your body is your business and if you dont take care of it , you will soon run out of business . The issue this day is how do you really take care of your body . Most training method out there are very destructive . Training is about feeling vibrance , i ve been preaching this for a long time .

Exrcise or training are meant to be inspiring and empowering – is that not why we love a particular sports hero , because he or she in empowering . Most time i dont think people should train more but actually less . Most people search pleasure through training , but their altitude is destructive .

To improve or increase a bodily pleasure , we must understand the functions of our inner tube , digestion and respiration are ultimately connected with the movement of the outer tube or muscles . The better your inner organ , the more pleasure you have . You can only feel better inside out .

Training is meant to provide a change of habits and life style , rather than a workout  like a drug addict , its about preparing you for something greater . It also involve in a great quality of thinking which is determine by feelings . If you  dont feel well , you will not produce and your body will not experience  pleasure .

Majority of the people look to exercise to suppress the feelings that has already been supressed . Its okay to identify emotions , its okay to feel sad , they are both tie together , I feel sad sometimes , doesnt mean that im not happy. My point is , you must learn to express rather than supress and good creative training can do this for you .

The whole approach is , you cannot exercise bad life , bad client , bad husband , bad wife , etc . You must be strong .

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