Planning for growth

Ive always had a lot of thing going on at the same time , from training the golfers , researching for strength and conditioning  , training clients  writing   articles , growing my buisness  , planning for family . I consider all these as a projects .  The question is how do i plan and master growth from this . .

Planning for growth can be scary because of the unknown its like children being afraid of the dark and adults fear of unknown . Most of the time when challenges and obstacles arise because they will always come and our growth give us the ability to deal with the situation . Obstacle is the way  but only when growth is involved .

Im going to share  with you my own personal view of what should be in and out when planning for moving forward in life . I take this as principles  most people dont like people with principles because they are challenging for them .

Having lot of   time to plan and think .

Lots  of time for people i love

My work to be fun , fulfilling and challenging

Always stimulating my sexual energy for creativity and pleasure .

Financial independence – Ability to rely and think for myself .

Some shits  that other people dont get  .


Manipulative and whinny people

Projects that doesnt inspire me .

People that doesnt inspire me- Generally uncreative people .

Schedules that are set by other people .

Unnecessary obligations or things that are done out of guilt .

Those are my personal view on planning for growth .

Thanks  for reading





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