The concept of work

My typical day begin at 6am with a bio energetic exercise before everyone arounds me wake up ,  this way i could do my thinking and planning without distraction . I realised that most people complain about work , and for me its opposite . personally i like work . I believe in 150 hour work week that is filled with fun and activities that i love .

Most people dont like their job , i get it . If  you dont like what you are doing , its either you make it better or quit . There is nothing worse than a job that is killing you . Any work that doesnt allow you to use your imagination and creativity will end up killing you .

In order for you to reclaim the concept of work , you need to re-define your place of employment by looking at what is missing and how you change  it for better . It means thinking un-conventional , see things other people dont see .

Pay attention to opportunities around you – this can be very challenging especially if you spend most of the time complaining . . You can create your own security in a regular job by becoming more competent about your work .

Most people who complains about their work dont dig deep into themselves , thier lack of insecurities and competent affect the moral of their work . Most people consider self employment as a risk , but the real risk in my thinking is deriving your security from external source .

Whatever side you fall into , the most important  thing is to take control of your career into your own hands , You can be from a singer , doctor self employ , creative professional – the best security is your own competence .

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