Life mastering by radical exclusion

Life mastery is a skill that requires work . Its a skill that is important to develop physical strength , when i talked about physical strength , i mean your postures , structures and your performance in life . Your performance determine how good your life will be and to live a good life you require life mastery .

Things happens in life that is out of  our control , like getting sick , accident , different kind of suffering – according to victor franki in his famous book , man search for meaning – we find this meaning in one or two ways  creating a work  or doing a dded , or by the attitude we take towards the suffering .

I realised that in order for me to give my best to the people , busness family , relationship and community i have to master radical exclusion and if you reading  reading this blog  it mean you are searching for how to live unconventional life and improve yourself .

Eliminate  the unnecessary – This is going to take a very bold decision , remember its difficult to keep everyone happy or else you will end up being ver unhappy.  The first  thing i did was to tame my telephone . I stopped walking around  with my telephone . I find the experience very freeing and productive .

Saying no to opportunities is painful but necessary . Because the more successful you get , the more opportunities flow your way . And in my case people line up . But if you say yes to everybody and everything, you will soon drown up and age before your time .

Say no to unnecessary obligations or responsibilities . Most people are good at passing on responsibilities to other people without awareness its your your job to be on your toe and avoid this .

Radical exclusion is more a state of being rather than activity . For me personally its about my output when im with people rather than activity and this explain  why people like to be around me .

Spend some time alone to see what to remove and what needs to be focus on .

Thanks for reading .

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