The top 10 things ive learned in 2015

Its time of the year when i shared some of the important lessoned ive learned over the past 12 months . Its amazing how time works in our life and how fast the year goes by .

ON  TRAINING AND BEAUTY – Most of the training out there are not design to improve your physique rather than exhaustion , I learned about the important of glutes muscles when my effort to sprint up the hill becomes very challenging .

Things in life are just easier when you have your glutes to power through your activities  you will find running easier on your knees and your back will feel less strained . Your overall beauty will improve because you will stand tall .

ON MONEY – Spend money on stuff that will bring you money back or buy you time . Consider the money you spent on your training as the best investment you can do for your family and life .

ON WOMANHOOD – I learned that most men often wish their partner are less challenging , also most men are afraid of an intelligent beautiful woman they feel intimidated by their power . If you want anything done give it to a woman .

ON RELATIONSHIP – How to build relationships , learn from your parents . You learn the principle  of bounding with all the people around you – not just your parents . It also discourage you from viewing other as nothing more than instrument of your own desire .

ON HABITS – Its important to constantly examine our habits , we all fall into certain patterns which happens to me very often . If you constantly try to produce work that meets the highest standard , that’s more important on how you  go achieving it .  Renew your habits and make sure they are taking you to the right direction .

ON NUTRITION – Nutrition is a big problem in a western world , i realised people will rather over eat and buy supplements than spend money on a high nutrition value food .  The value of your nutrition has a lot to do with brain forming and pleasure .

Most depressed people have guts problems from eating low value food and high value food cure depression .

ON WORK AND PRODUCTIVITY – Most people do busy work or work that has no value , this doesn’t bring creativity . You can always make your work better or you quit .

ON SUPPLEMENT – Its useless to buy off the counter supplement , most people don’t know what they are selling . Learn to follow your own bio chemical to figure out which on works for you .

ON MY PERSONAL RULE –  Work that is fun and challenging motivates me to perform on a high level .  A few adventure like living in up the mountain near the nature .

My own training facilities where i can really empower people to live un conventional remarkable lives .

ON MARKETING – Sales is the force of life , if you are business person , you can either get good at it or you lose . Nobody should  do you sales for you .


Those are just a few of the books I’ve read this year . If you pick one or two from this book list , I’m sure you will learn some valuable stuff that will enhance your growth .

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