It takes courage to persist

Most people think having courage to do things has to do with heroic or bravery or some unbreakable power , but my way of looking at courage is different . Personally it takes courage to want to build a busness in a world of laziness and entitlement .

I think of the world courage differently . Yes it can be appiled to heroic action but it also means working day after day , year after year, without becoming discouraged worn down or bitter . It means persisting carrying on without letting up and consistently giving result . Thats courage .

Ive been training people in my local gym for 8 years , many trainers result to job security  burn out  tired and fat ,. Im not trying to take anyone out here but to express what it takes to have a busness that is growing .

Its not about not having fear . I can take a easy way out , marry a rich pretty boy then all will be good.Thats giving up . Ive discovered that my job needs me more than i need my job . I will always get up everyday and work through the unknown .

I also realised that to be successful or be a star , talent , skill is not enough . Success takes work and require courage . .

Thanks for reading .

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