How to get ahead in life

Im sitting down in my beautiful neighbourhood coffee shop while writing this blog and im thinking how did i get here . Im going to share a little bit of value and principle that can as well help you to get ahed in life . Are you aware that most people will rather get even than getting ahead .

Do more than you get paid for –  For me personally , my primary consideration is not what i was paid . I believe my most important consideration were productivity, efficiency , and effectiveness . Early in my life , i got paid for performance not the time i spent .  Its always about my out put after the time people spent with me has passed .

This philosophy  has served me well and have observed others who get ahead in their careers and life . I have seen this philosophy  hold true .

Take pride in your work – Its not easy to change  peoples body without affecting their mind . Ive worked with people with a brilliant mind also poor mind about their body , abilities, and themselves . Its a primary factors of why some people always want to lose weight . I deliver happiness to people around me and i take pride in that .

Helping  other people feeling alive is not a simple task  , which i do effectively and thats why i take a pride in my work . And you should take pride in your work if you deliver exceptional value to people .

Always make sure its better than average – No one likes average people or average restaurant . Well i dont And we tend to attract who we are . if you do average work , you will be surround by average people . I do awesome work with the people around me and thats why ive been sought  after .

Dont be cheap – invest in yourself . It will provide leverage in everything you do .

Get to work early not just in time – and never late .

Overfill your plate –  Identify existing problems and seek solution – either solve  the problems or offer suggested remedies to the appropriate person .

Ask for more responsibility – Most people tend to shy away from responsibilities . Im always involved in developing the youth of my church or teaching  the concept of succcess and overcoming obstacles or finding solutions to a problems someones talk to me about .

This tips will make you a better person in life than a new year resolution .

Thanks for reading .


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