Make yourself uncomfortable

Its really easy to stay in a comfort  zone for ourselves and we stay there but everywhere you look , pain  is the path to pleasure . Some one ones said to me i dont  like to sprint in the cold , well good luck with that because those easy step of yoga, zumba , running mindlessly on a tread  will only lead you to the next easy  step , and the next .

Comfort zone can lead us into a false  security . For example in few weeks i will be leaving the gym where  i started my journey almost 8 years ago to open up my own garage gym amd become more independence . Thats me getting out of my comfort zone .

The unknown excite me and im very thrilled with this new beginning . I believe if an idea doesnt make us uncomfortable, then its not a good idea its easy  to take the conventional  route and make waves , it can make you complacent , lazy , and prevent you from getting ahead .

The questions i frequently asking myself is have i stopped moving or have i become stuck . Personally i want people who want more than  good enough , i want to help people to a highest level to help myself . If i become comfortable , it will affect people around me .

Seek comfort , it will make you shrink into the bottom and never accomplish what you hope to .

The best way to measure yourself is against   your feelings , ambitions , needs and goals , not  against others .

Thanks for reading . i meant it .

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