Cure yourself from excuses / failure disease

If you want success which is what everyones  want , then you study people thats, what you will do , and you will carefully  discover  then apply success rewarding principle to your life . This is very challenging because  most average people are full of excuses .

You will discover  that  excuses explain the different between people who are going places and the person who is barely own his own .Life is full of excusit people  , i work really hard to distance myself from these people

Im going to share with you the most common form of excuses .

Bad health – This is very common . millions and millions of people suffer from this and in most cases its always a legitimate excuses . Most of the highly successful people that i know who could , but dont use health as an excuse .

My long term friend , who is also my doctor told me the other day that perfect specimen of adult is non existent . There is something physically wrong with everybody , many surrender in whole to health excuses but success thinking people do not .

Age , and work – Most average people has a wrong attitude about their work , so they use work and age as an excuses to remain  at the same place . . i tell all my distance coaching clients to develop a winning attitude , put your intelligence to a creative use . Use it to find way to win not you will lose .

The im too old variety is the most common of excuses . Vaccinate yourself   against excuses – its a disease of the failure . Follow this principle will guide and help you build a successful life . The life of no limits and excuses .


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