Progression is a risk

Progression is always a challenge and it requires lot of progressive thinking .You will be experimenting a lot of resistance and set back there is no point doing a lot of reading  and have ideas without executing them we need to progress to succeed and its not a joke .

To be honest , i wake up face the fear , sit down and develop the strategy to move forward  personally i thrive on challenge , i use as a self motivation . To me the best challenge are the ones i give myself . I dont need to impress anyone but to bring an adea to life .

To keep progressing – you must learn to manage your environment . – When your mind work efficient one way , it can carry you to outstanding success . . The mind is the most important because the mind is what the mind is fed . Mind food is your environment – the kind of mindful depends on attitude , habits and our personality .

You will also change over the years and months and this also depends on the environment

Psychological environment – Environment shapes  us , make us think the way we do . For example if we are surrounded  with people who practise health habits , we tend to emulate that . We tend to pick up habits from other people . I picked up the habits of early rising , and writting   from a very good friend .

Defence – Develop a defence against people who want to convince you that you cant do it  most people always negative and full of bad ideas especially  if you dont value their input accept negative advice only as a challenge that you can do it .

Isnt it obvious that many people stay at one level all their lives  there thinking alone keep them there . Ive always wanting to progress and have my own  place of  training people  and my thinking progressively get me there .

If you have an idea , keep thinking progressively , you will get there .

Thanks for reading .






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