Want to make more money ? then get the put service first attitude

Its very natural and desirable to want to make more money , Money is power to give your family , friends , the standard of living you desire . Money gives you power to help the unfortunate , Money is also one of the means  to live a fully life . Please dont tell me you dont want more money then stop reading this .

When people tells me they dont want more money i know they are suffering from guilt or feeling of in adequancy  or a guilt complex . With money you can raise your standard and provide better experience for people .And the seed of money is services .

The attitude of put service first will create wealth , Im constantly improving my services to my clients , some clients has been coming to train with me for a long time thats a product of good services . Some time s when i talked to people who complains about their income , i can see how their desire to be paid is more important than doing an excellence job

Again , put service first then the money take care if itself . You dont get a raise on the promise of a better performance , you get a raise only by demonstrating   better performance .

Seriously , grow the service first   attitude and watch money take care of itself .

Shoot me an e mail and let me know about your effort and im also open to new ideas .


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