Get the action habit

I like to watch what other successful people around me are doing , then i emulate the habits . One of the habits i admire is the habit of taking action , Nothing comes by merely  thinking about it . Looking for a facility to train people is not an easy thing to think about .and only thin king about it woulkd have been result to nothing .

My mentir advice me few years back that i will facing a lot of test and challenges but your reward will be your actions .Its really interesting , i know a woman who wanted to quit her job, starting her own busness but kept waiting for the perfect time , Im sure you are familiar with  those  kind of people .

What ive learned from the successful people around me is that you remove obstacles and challenges as you go . Once you get yourself into the habits of taking actions, the brain will get to work and you will learn a lot about yourself , expand you capacities and grow yourself .

Be an activationist –  It means getting things done . the more yopu activate the more you build confidence and eliminate merely talking or thinking .

The test of a successful person is not an ability to eliminate all problems before they arise  but to meet and work with difficulties when they arise and we must be willing to make an intelligent compromise with perfection less we wait forever .

You can get started on whatever you want to do , you will move a bit forward from where you are to where you are going .

Let me hear about your success .

Thanks for reading .




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