Your body is a reflection of your habits

Generally people with bad habits tend to be mediocre / average because their mind and their thinking keep them there , If you want to change your body  , you will need a lot of work on your habits . Your training should lead you somewhere   , ideally to your goals and the weights you take off should  stay off .

Burning fats or having a lean body is war we have to fight for the rest of our life . Passioon drives and motivates me to keep my good habits . I love being enthutiastic high energy and helping other people to live a good life .

All too often , most people training has almost nothing to do with their goals . This observation   led to my transformation program . As a coach behaviour changes started from me . Ive seen people training for years and nothing to show for it, apart from looking tired and fat around  the middle waist .

Tp progress means  you have to keep on updating your habits , Find a routine and stick with it , Stop jumping from one gym to another , one trainer to another , one diet to another . Its all about changing  daily habits .

I know changes  is really hard ., because i go through the hardship of changing everyday to progress is to change and thats the only way to go forward .

A typical  transformation  week  for me will be . get up , meditate , coffee , journal and do a focus productive work . Good habits improves your passion , and passion transform your life .

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