Self command is the greatest elegance

I admire people with self control and discipline , i think they are attractive . its a trait that i look for in people most of the time . We can cover ourselves with as much clothes as we can , but your essence is your core , your body and over it . For me this is living consciously .

I recall a woman i saw at the whole food store the other day , she was very well dressed but eventually looking nervous and out of control . When  i looked at her  more closely , i also noticed her hands , her eyes , and i can see clearly despite covering up in a very expensive clothes . she lacks elegance .

Most people lets their essence swallowed up in the roles  of life ., their outer appearance does not match  the inner appearance .and this is a position of a narcissist . – the denial of true self .

To achieve higher energy , know who you are from inside – identify several key personal in your life . These may be the roles that you play . I identify the roles that i play , as a daughter , as a woman , my duty to my clients . Do not judge the roles , they often serve as a very useful purpose .

This is a key to your your force filed of energy . This is self command and is elegance .


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