How i got off sugar and changed my life

Its  been almost 10 years or more since i had sugar . Im writting this story to empower that nothing will happen if you dont eat sugar . A trip to a dentist few years back finally put me off sugar . I also learned that sugar make it harder for a brain to learn . Actually sugar damages brain cells , making it harder to learn .

The only way to empower others is to fully empower myself . I have no power to advise against sugar if im consuming it myself . Not eating sugar gives you compassion towards yourself , It means loving your body and allow all your hormones to function in a proper rythm .

Sugar , Sugar is everywhere . i understand – denied yourself of healthy fats leads to craving sugar . You know a lot of people  on low fat this , low fat that . I dont eat anything low fats infact i eat fats a lots . from steak to nuts to oils , with me its always fat, fat and fats . And im very lean . Obviously something must be working .

The liver needs healthy fats to function . We live in a world of sugar t, the sugar most common orgarnic molecule is glucose , a kind of sugar . I recalled a conversation between me and a long distance clients saying that cutting out sugar in her diets for about 10 months has made the knee pain dissapear   , headache  gone . Less irritative  and radiant looking skin.

So where do i get sugar from ? most from red wine , berries , apples , but since im big on eating healthy fats i dont crave sugar ,.  Your life will be a lot easier if you downgrade the habits of sugar .


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