Habits of successful exerciser

Most people just exercise  for you to be successful with your exercise you need to see your body getting stronger , appearance changing , looking vibrant , people passing compliments  increasing your ability to perform better in real life – if non of this is happening then you need a different habits of exercise.

MINDFULNESS – Most people / women just runs and do endless cardio because they are tring to justify the sugar theyve consumed or other bad habits . – Use your body consciously . The best exercise involves the entire body . i dont care if you are a wrestler or a dancer or , think about your stance, your balance , your breathing . Never forget that exercise  suppose to be fun .

Keep in mind that exercise build more than just muscle , it builds practically all functional tissue , it increase investment in nerves ending , and blood vessels , build bones ,strengthen ligaments and so much more .

Many exercise physiologist  believe that visualising what you are doing and what you hope to accomplish is key to getting the most from your workout .

TIME MANAGEMENT –  Performing aerobic exercise takes time , the more you give it , the more it gives you back . A resonable time is a n average of 30- to 40 mins . Aerobic exercise cleanse your system and inflammation . Dont forget to sleep , get plenty of sleep and dont follow any daily average rquirement for sleep because we have different sleep needs .

Its mostly during sleep that our bodies heal and rebuild tissues . So sleep is crucial .

PUSH YOURSELF – Learn to push yourself , strength  training aka aenarobic exercise demand full concentration , you cannot be mediocre with your strength training it demands full attention to enhance the function of your cells and nerves ,.

NO JUNK FOOD – PERIOD – When people tells me they eat occasional junk food , i try to help them realise that they are setting up a competition   in their body which they are about to lose .

The whole preaching is to prevent your body from aging faster than it should .

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Keep getting better .


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