Physical or psychological needs – what are you chasing

I was explaining to a friend yesterday about the concept of diminishing return and building a lean body that enhance vitality and sexual funnction till the old age . I seems to catch most men attention whenever i mention the body function and sexual performance well it drives everything . right ?

Personally im chasing  both . ive learned  to put my fitness value in order , to rank them from most important to least important . and focus on satisfying the most important one the qustion is which needs come first .Most people do lots of endurance cardio to in other to satysfying the psychological needs and go against the physical .

These people have less resistance to pain and tend to get injure very often . The dilemma many people face is that they have difficulty in determine which one is important to them satisfying  their physical  needs or their  psychological needs ones .

The reason a lot of people are mediocre in a western world especially in united kingdom is the fact that they choose the easy one over the challenges ones . As you age , your strength must constantly  increase . Thou they are genetic limitations to what ones can achieve as one advance in training .

Women for example focus on the physcologiacl needs and let their physical go to hell . some women are yoga , pilate crazy which doesnt really makes you look hot but teaches you how to breath . Getting the best out of your training is like getting the best out of your life .

The good news is strength  training for learn  body mass and joint mobility trump everything else .Im telling you to focus on your physical and your psychological needs will be met .

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