Why complaining is bad for health

I recently  find out how bad complaining is to our health . There are people in this world who define themselves by their agitation , their complain – These people drain your energy and its really bad for our health . Everyone is attracted to upbeat , enegetic person nobody like complainer because they drag you down with their complain .

Asserting one self, is different from complaining . When you complain , you hug your ego , you provide aid, comfort  and validation to the voice in the head that insist you do not desire what you desire . You limit the ability to enjoy the affluence .

We all know people that tend to complain  about everything – never content .the issue is they get high on complain The anesthetic is released when you experience pain ,and complaining ignite emotional pain .

Complaining makes the face drawn and haggard . Life is not static Life is constant shift its either you are getting sicker or getting better . There is a story of a woman with a slight stroke and after operation the doctor confirm that she will be fine . She complain so much about her stroke which eventually lead to her early  death .

We all have faults , if we have no fault of our own we would not take so much pleasure in noticing others . My goal is to keep working on myself , to improve myself on who iam , what i say to impacts and direct all my relationship .

Negativity can only feeds on negativity – If we dont complain  , people around us too tend to refrain or limit their complain . A complain is an energetic statement that focus on the problems rather than the solution .

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