Why conditioning session rock



Ive started to play tennis again and i realise how much i need conditioning training . We are all some how deconditioned , its must be part of our training session for better performance . Most people dont need cardio , rather than short high intensity that elevate and increase resting metabolisim up to 38 hours after your intensive conditioning training .

You will not only lose body fats fast but also gain high level of earobic   and anaerobic which is awesome for looking good and maintaing vitality . Not on;y burn fat when we are working out but for hours after workout is over .

Additional benefits are ,

Improved cordination

Improved recovery

Improved strength and power

Improved mental focus

Improved sleep

Improved ability to do longer aerobic / cardiovascular fitness with less fatigue .

Improved mood

Conditioning   session is part of the programm of my individual clients and they are all looking amazing and strong .


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