Female recovery ritual and cellulite issue

Im written this article like a note from a woman to woman . There is a gooddes in everywomen , we need ritual to function on high level . Most women train like crazy but never give back to their bodies .You do not get result from workout , you get result from recovering  from your workout . Most people just get occasional massage , this is not enough if you are working out and challenging your body to perform on high level .

Most profffesinal athlete have their own masseuse on hand , as well as nutritionist and some even have stretchers . I realise we cant all hire our own masseuse . All these things are available to us these days .

NOURISHING YOURSELF – Im big on nourishing myself so that i can cope with the needs of the people around me .

SHUT YOUR EYES – Make you get enough sleep , sleep is when your body repair itself . The people who usually get less than 7 / 8 hour sleep has a high percentage of body fat that s the fact .

POST WORKOUT RECOVERY – You must replace what youve depleted . You wont get anything out of your workout if you skip this step . Look for a muscle recovery drinks of your choice but avoid  the ones with sugar .

STRETCHING – I know stretching is boring , if you dont stretch and foam roll your muscles wont be able to work as hard as they might if you stretch .

FOAM ROLLING – This will loosen up anything that is becoming tight , from your workout or from your life .K eep in mind that if you have some spots , this foam rolling will take care of it . Healthy tissue shouldnt be painful , so if you have some spots or adhesions or tightness you need to get rid of .  We want your muscles to as healthy as it can be so that you get the best out of your workout .

CELLULITE FACTS – Cellulite is present in about 98 percent of post pubertal women . its most found in buttock and thighs and can affect individual regardless of their body composition . You shouldnt feel like you are in a majority . Sometimes i see cellulite appear in my buttocks due to hydration or improper digestive foods .

There are so many treatment out there  ranging from tropical creams , to be honest none of them is effective . Right now celluite has disappear because i drink more water , consume high omega 3 and  do exercise that works my butts .

The way is see it do what you can do through proper exercise , nutrition , and life style choices and dont worry if you are left with a little cellulite .


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