What ive learned so far from non- complain challenge

This challenge open up my eyes to how much i complain , and i also   learn that complain  are often expressed to manipulate people and to have power over them . The goal is to be a complain free person , Im not saying you should not be assertive and talk when something is wrong but its dangerous when we complian rather than focus on solution to the problem .

When you start paying attention to your words , you will notice how uncomfortable you now feel when someone arounds you begin to complain . Your financial situation will probably improve as well because positive , happy people are more enjoyable to be around and this increase the chance to see opportunities rather  than problems .

A person who does not complain  tend to get what he or she desire more easily simply because people want to help an agreeable person . Personally  its difficult for me to do anything with someone who tend to complain  about things .

If you also complain  about situation , you may be able to draw others to you but you wont be able to get much done because your focus is on the problem not the solution

Another benefits of not complaining is that you will find yourself angry and afraid  less often  . Anger is a fear directed outward and if you no longer a fearful person , you will attract fewer angry and fearful people into your life .

The less you complain  , the more energy you have . Most people complain to their own profit rather than to communicate the problems . Complain is manipulating of you energy   and once you become aware , you notice if someone when someone is using his or her negative words to manipulate you .

What ive realised is the less i complain the more productive and happier i become , On a personal note im not a big complainer in a way but the challenge  has refocus me to become more aware of my conversation with people .  .

If you are interested in your growth – you can find the book on amazon , A Complain Free World – Will Bowen .

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