We need empathy to give empathy

Most time s pain blocks our ability to empathise with other people . I think its difficult when you are in pain to offer empathy to another person . Its impossible to give something to another if we dont have it ourselves . Reading one book weekly has open my mind and thinking to see what people usually dont see .

If we find ourselves unable or unwilling to empathise despite our efforts , its usually a sign that we are also starving for empathy  to be able to give it to others .  Its necessary  to provide ourselve with empathy  by listening to what is going on in ourselves with the same quality of presence and attentiong that we offer others .

The more i listen to myself , the more i listen to others . If we are able to speak our pain without blame , people in distress are sometimes able to hear  our needs . We ve  been taught to think in terms of what is wrong rather than expressing our needs . What was valued in western civilisation is the right way to think not how people feel .

Personally i would rather talk about how i feel rather than what went wrong , i realised many people find this very challenging and difficult , by focusing on how you feel you will get what you need on time without anger and manipulating .

We are trained in schools to be order directed rather to be in contact with ourselves . If you start t today learning how to express your feelings and identifying your needs , you will be receiving the empathy  that you need  , you will be well nourish and give the same to others .

Reference books from . Non Violent Communication .

Keep growing .

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