Building Strong Habits

One of the thing i realised these days about me is the ability  or the skill of helping people  changing their behaviour . Elliminating bad habits to replace good habits . Biulding strong habits takes time , its like building a strong house . Most of the habits we picked up emerge without our conscious .

On a personal notes, i thrive from challenge of experimenting with an habits , Almost a year ago , i started the habits of sprunt conditioning in the park , it was very difficult in the first few months and now it has become of the best strong habits i ever built .

Have a ritual – Having a ritual will keep the habits forming so that when things get really tense , it prevents you into falling into the old/ bad habits . Building strong habits is not easy , you always have to keep it up .

Identify your strength – We are all facing old programming , we require literally of need and ability to get in touch with ourselves . It takes a lot of energy and learning to stick to good habits because we are living in a dominating societies that discourage us from sticking to good strong habits .

Implement ritual to deliver you from temptations –  Learn not to shouldnt  yourself many people do things because they are surrounding with people with a weak habits .  Focus on what you want to do rather than what went wrong .

Strong habits has a say in how our life will shape out . The more good habits i introduce into my life , the happier i felt .

Start t building strong habits today and surround yourself with things that make it easier .

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