The Best Ways To Believe In Yourself

Lack of self confidence apparently is one of the great problems besseting people today . I was speaking to a group of undergraduates yesterday , 9 out of ten in the room told me that they were always lack in self belief and confidence . The issue is deep within themselves they mistrust their ability to meet  responsibilities or to grasp opportunities .

Most people with lack of self believe are also  very pushy in their behaviour , this tend to fill the space of their own negative thought .

WORK ON YOUR THINKING – We build up feeling of insecurity or security by the way we think , if our thought is constantly based on what bad might happen , it eventually come to play because its been created  in the mind . The power of thought is a big  deal

FOCUS ON WHAT YOU  WANT – This has been the center of my success , once i decided to do something , i figure out how im going to make it work . Most of the time it doess work , even if doenst it grows me as a person and thats a valuable experience .

Most people go crawling upon through life on their hands and knees , defeated and afraid. And in most cases such frustration of power is unnecessary . The blows of life, the accumulation of difficulties , the multiplication  of problems tend to sap energy and leave you spent and discouraged .This is where your personalty and assets comes to play .

TALK TO YOURSELF POSITIVELY – Refrain from negative conversations , for they tend to produce tensions and annoyance inwardly For example when  you are with group of people  and they indulge in a negative conversation , do not comment or making any suggestion .

Most people has been taught to judge themselves negatively , in a way that imply that what they do is wrong or right , Self taught drives self belief .

Always communicate your need , dont talk about what is wrong rather what you need . Its going to take a minute for all this to sink in but watch your confidence growing .



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