The great conversation ive ever had

If you are like me im always looking for a good conversation . few days ago i was going through some of my journal and i found the old notes ive taken from one of my mentor .He was a good teacher , very easy to talk to . So im going to share part of the great conversation . He understand the connections between compassion and successful  living and also taught me to make  it a habit , determine to learn something from any human being .

Everything worth while is created out of love and concern for others .

Problems are life way of getting the best out of us , They are opportunity  to grow .

Character development – The path from self absorption to caring and consciousness

You should develop the ability  to reason accurately and independently , rather than accepting the idea based on solely on authority or tradition  .

The given of time , money and support can never be detrimental to the giver .

We should always develop and evolve – our actions are inner reflections of ourselves .

Its important to nourish your mind with the thought of history wisest thinkers .

And the greatest question is am i becoming the type of person i want to be .


Have a great day .


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