Mood Problems , Fatique , And Weight Gain

This is a normal thing as we grow older but it doesnt have to be a problem if you are living consciously . Many doctors does not make it so easy as well . Many doctors actually view women / men who are concerned about their thyroid – the hormones that regulate all these thing as if their suffering from mild hysteria or some pathetic shit .

PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR MOOD – Most people try to get their  mood to stay the same    you need to know the major secret of staying in a high mood . You need to know what make mood drop s so that you can know what to do when mood drops .

Your job is to pay attention to when your mood is dropping and take step to rebalance it . I personally recognise people who are always  in a bad mood , i dont pay attention and i dont listen to them ,. if its is my loved ones , i tend to give compassion and love .

The big mistake people made with their mood   is trying to change them from outside . Most advertising like you to believe  that by lighting up a cigarette , satisfaction will be yours . This is all pack of lies The main thing that causes your mood drop is the moment you slip out of integrity .

SHARPEN YOUR SENSITIVITY TO YOUR MOODS –  Notice the effect of food and beverages on your mood . also notice the effect  of ignoring key feelings like sadness , fear  and anger . Dont ignore your feelings , if you are angry at someone , let them know .

You dont need  to act on your feelings all the time – what you need to do is say hello to them and feel them .  Understanding all these will put your energy  in perspective , help with thyroid and prevent weight gain .

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