How i have beautiful skin

As im typing this words, probably the humble things to say will be how to have a beautiful skin then its going to sound more research base rather than fact .When we talked about people that aged  well, the first  thing we  think about is healthy skin .But skin health depends on collagen health .

If you ve read a lot of beauty magazine in the past decade , you will be aware that your skin health depend on collagen health. Our collagen has to do with metabolism which is source of skin beauty in other words if you  have a balance metabolism , you skin will be radiant .

Feeding your skin with a highest quality beauty cream contain collagen building nutrients   will also help restore your skin to beauty .If a cream containing two or three collagen building nutrients can help your skin , immagine how effectively you could nourish and rebuild your demacollagen if you ate a meal containing dozens of growth factors .

One of the major reason for my health skin is the fact that i dont consume sugar or any processed food , sugar destroy our collagen as we aged . Your skin will improve by 50 percent if you can stop sugar .

No matter the strength of your collagen today how good you feel tomorrow depend on your diets today . Actually collagen is not only important  to the health of your skin but all the organs in your  body .

To have a beautiful skin is not rocket science , its simply the health of your collagen and ability  to stop ingesting  sweet stuff .

Hope i have help yah .



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