How I Learn From Others

Sometime s it amazed me how people think i should know certain things especially when i declared that i dont know it . Most people have attitude  of knowing it all which is a sign  of very low self esteem .The first  priority to learn  anything from anyone is to identify their unqiue strength .  Each  person we meet has a potential to teach us something .

Make learning your passion – It makes me happy to learn . There is a theory of human behaviour that says people subconsciously  retard their own intellectual growth – it means the brain shrink when is in no use .

Learn   from children –  They always want to teach us something  new , because their innocence has not been tampered with  .

Ask questions – You can tell a dump person from a clever person by the way they ask question or answer them . Ask qusestions that can not be answer with yes on no , in that case the person will open up and you can learn from them .

Value People  – I have always taught its older  people or successful people that can teach me something but i learned in a hard  way that most people  can teach me things in an unusual  way regardless of their age .Have it in mind that people dont learn from people they dont value .

Develop relationships  with growth potential – We need to find people who are especially  likely to help us grow .expert in our field , creative thinkers who will stretch  us mentally , achievers who will inspire us to go to the next level . Books that will challenge us . Learning is always the reward for spending time with remarkable people .

Teachable Attitude – You dont need genius around you , but you need a teachable attitude the only thing that can come between a person and the ability to learn  is a bad  attitude.,  this are some of the things i have been putting into practise and if you try the same your outlook will be different .

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